Adventure World

On land, in water or in the air, you discover the black Forest in an unusal way Adventure Word offers experienced guides and instructors for all event in the Murg Vally - Murgtal.

On land

Walking in heaven! That´s the motto of the town of Baiersbronn in more than 500 km of marked hiking trails. Alone or in a group, enjoy the many hiking offers.

Snowshoeing, copied from the Indians and the trappers in Canada, is the new recreational fun in the winter. Equipped with snow shoes and sticks you walk with experienced guides through thewinter landscape.

Tour (2-3 hours), followed by lunch and drinks.

In water

Riverbed hike

The Murg river bed hike path as an adventurer. The fun begins with the descent of a 15 meter high bridge. This is ot a must, there is a way around it. Now it goes on in the fascinating river bed through small an large rocks, some jumping, running, climbing foot-dry as possible. You will be accompanied by experienced guides.


Let´s go to the harmless fun to swim the 250 m long section of the Murg. Equipped with paddles, life vest an helmet, you also supervised by experienced guides paddle with a kayak rafts by gaming location. Then, out of the boat, on foot and with boat back to a new one. The good mood does not stay on the track. Finally, the courageous participants may swim or kayak without a boat through the screening location.

In the air

Fulfill your dream of flying and you start by using specially-trained tandem pilots. After just a few steps you take off and enjoy a wonderful view from the sky. With a soft landing after an eventful return flght back to Earth.